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Recording Gear

My recording studio is PC based. The components were specially chosen to make as silent a system as I could.

The equipment is as follows:


  • AMD64 3500+ Winchester
  • Asus A8N SLI Premium Motherboard
  • Antec SLK3000B
  • AcoustiPack BQE3700 Kit
  • Nexus NX4090 Ultra Quiet PSU
  • Mushkin XP4000 (DDR500) RAM (991482) 2 x 1GB
  • nVidia GeForce 6600
  • 3 x Nexus 120mm Case Fans
  • Scythe Ninja cooler

AV gear

  • RME Hammerfall HDSP9632 soundcard
  • MindPrint Di-Port (2 x preamps, DA<>AD converter)
  • StudioProjects B3 LD condenser microphone
  • 2 Marshall MXL 603S SD condenser microphones
  • Adobe Audition 2
  • Sony TRV22 miniDV cam

I basically went for gear that will do me for many years to come without needing much in the way of upgrades. For those looking for help in setting up a digital audio workstation, I’d recommend the forums at and