COVID-19 and David Icke

There's a lot of attention of David Icke's talking on Brian Rose's London Real podcast. I did a walk and talk on it. References London Real - … [Continue reading]

What Live Streaming Tool Should I Use? I'm experimenting with the GoPro to make my audio podcast into a video one. It worked pretty well, although I'm not quite sure who'll want to watch an 18-minute video of my yakking into the camera! Maybe I'm wrong. … [Continue reading]

Jenn Butterworth Interview

Jenn Butterworth played at the Arran Folk Festival back in the mists of time (2014). I'd never heard her playing before and I was blown away. She played a set with Laura-Beth Salter on mandolin, and boy, what a treat that was to hear. Fast forward to … [Continue reading]

Habit Trackers in a TWSBI Large Notebook

I've spent most of the morning researching habit trackers. I've found a pre-made one that looks like it might work, the Clear Habit Journal from BaronFig, but it's expensive. I think I would do better to work on my own version. I was doing weekly … [Continue reading]

Sun Burning my Back

The sun is shining. ? When did that last happen? I really should take the dogs out. In fact, that's just what I'm going to do. Once I've posted this... Morning Pages I woke up with a headache. Not good. But it's been productive. I've started … [Continue reading]

I’m going to earn 100k by 2023

Can I? Dare I? Why the fuck not? I can do what I want, right? I've been writing with a pen for the last couple of weeks. Every day. It's been really great actually. That's my Namiki Falcon with Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki ink. It's 11:20am on a … [Continue reading]

New Stationery Day!

My Hobonichi planners came today! I ordered these on 30 Jan from Jetpens, so I still had 11 months of value. They arrived yesterday. Bummer. So I lost a month's value, but let's be positive, right! I've tried the Hobonichi Weeks and also bullet … [Continue reading]

My First JetPens Order!

It's been a crazy month of stationery indulgence. It's an obsession and I recognise it as such. I don't seem to be able to hold back at all. … [Continue reading]

John Roderick and Alcoholism

I've been following John Roderick's content since around 2006, when Merlin Mann talked to him on the Merlin Show. He's co host on a podcast called Roadwork, with Dan Benjamin on the 5by5 network. In episode 151, entitled Chasing the Dragon, John … [Continue reading]

Hiking up to Caisteal Abhail

On 28 October 2018 I did the route around from North Glen Sannox to Caisteal Abhail and down what I believe is called Hunters Ridge. I set off early, though not quite early enough as it was already daylight when I left. Not to worry - it was an … [Continue reading]