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Our Leaving Do

We have three more weeks left in Luxembourg before we head back to my native Scotland. My good friends and playing partners threw a farewell bash for us at a friend’s house in a little village down on the Moselle river that forms the natural border between Lux and Germany (and whence some very nice wine comes!)

We made the event to be similar to the open mics (or speakeasys) that we have in an Irish pub in Lux City regularly. The host had a PA that sounded really good and there were several players. It was a really fun day and it was great to have it in the afternoon so that Lorraine could finally get to hear us play. She’s normally home with the bairns while I’m out playing you see, so it was a real treat for me to have her there. Of course the compliments she paid me on my performances were more than welcome! It’s been literally years since she last saw me perform and it’s not quite the same thing as playing at home.

The highlights for me were playing two duets with a friend of mine. Our we had some nice vocal harmonies going down and it was a treat for me to find someone to play the Beatles’ The Two of Us (from Let it Be). I did record the whole thing on my iPod but I was coming out of the headphone out on the mixer to a line-in feed on the iPod and the volume on the headphone out was maxed out, so the whole things was clipping all the way through and sounds pretty dreadful. Shame.