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Six months old

Our cheeky little chappie just turned 6 months old. I was at Little Brother’s jam for the first time when Freya turned six months old. This time around I’m knee deep in translation and have just taken delivery of my SCGC Vintage Artist, which is sitting beside me all boxed up waiting to acclimatise. That’s the hardest bit – waiting for the box to acclimatise. It could prevent the finish from checking though, so it’s worth being patient for a little longer.

So, without further ado (much about nothing), he he is…

I’m half a year old!

Hamish & Freya

I haven’t put any new pictures of our baby son Hamish on my website for a long time, mainly due to the hassle of doing the html, selecting and resizing the pictures. Perhaps having a blog will be a way of ensuring that I put family pictures up more often, something about which I’m sure our families back in the UK will be most pleased about!

So, here’s a nice picture of Hamish, taken on 9 November 2006.

And while we’re at it, here’s one of Freya tucking into her lunch on 1 November 2006:

Pictures are taken with a Nikon D70s (which I bought just a couple of months before the D80 came out — grrrr!)

I’m going to invite some friends and family to my Vox account now to see how the whole thing works. Please post a comment if you get a message about this. Fingers crossed!