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Luxembourg Gare

This was taken from the car park outside Luxembourg City’s main train station back in February 2007 just after midday. Arjun was visiting with Marina and this was taken while he was seeing Marina off on the train.

I converted to grayscale in Lightroom and used the burn tool in Photoshop CS2 to darken the sky a little. I submitted this for the September 2007 assigment for The Digital Story podcast.

Schoolbag Trial

This must be the schoolbag that we bought for Freya the day before in Esch. This is her getting ready to start précoce (nursery school in Luxembourg).

Freya trying on her new schoolbag.

New Schoolbag

Freya packing her new schoolbag
© Alan Campbell 2007

I got these shots today. Little did I know that my camera was set to ISO 1600. Of course, I took many more shots and they looked rubbish, but it was a good lesson to see what happens with ISO 1600 and how it affects things. I’ve been shooting in aperture priority at f/1.8 as well with the new lens to see what happens. One day my posts will be about the subject of the photos rather than the camera and settings! Needless to say I really like this and the Schoolbag 2 shots, which is why I blogged them.

Freya’s new school bag

Freya starts précoce the week after next and we got her school bag for her today. She brought it home, filled it up with her hand-knitted cakes, some socks, her slippers and some wooden sausages. These are what she wanted to bring with her for her packed lunch in town. She insisted on wearing the bag around town too, and, even though she complained after a while about the weight, she was stoical and carried it around until we got back to the car.This shot of her is quite sharp and is a good one of her first day with her new school bag I thought. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and today was her last session at Little Gym and it went really well. She even did a fully rolly polly completely on her own for the first time. A memorable day to be sure!

Hamish in the toy shop

Hamish having difficulty computing with what’s going on in the toyshop.

New lens (50mm f/1.8)

After listening to many episodes of The Digital Story podcast, reading up on my D70s and then, the icing on the cake, the forgotten lens article, I decided today to go out and see if I could get one. Well, I did: a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Autofocus Lens.

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Autofocus Lens

I think I’m really beginning to understand the differences and correlation between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I actually used aperture priority mode on my camera today for the first time! That’s where this shot came from – I set it to aperture priority, set the aperture to f/1.8 and shot this image in RAW in a real low-light situation. I haven’t adjusted anything in Lightroom/Photoshop; this is how it came out the camera. The shutter speed was 1/30 (I guess that is selected automatically in aperture priority mode) and the ISO was 450 (again, auto selected). I find it really quite amazing how well this image came out with no flash in such low lighting. I think I’m really going to dig this lens and learn a lot about photography and composition by using it. It was a little more expensive than I was expecting (around 130 euros) but not a great deal at all compared to what some lenses cost.

Gary Voth Photography: The Forgotten Lens…

I really enjoyed this article. Derrick Story of The Digital Story also talks often about a fast prime lens and recommends them highly for existing light indoor photography. I’m going to see what my local camera shop has hopefully one afternoon next week as a lot of my photography is indoor pics of the kids and a faster lens would be great for that. It would also force me to work at a fixed focal length and that would be an advantage as I would have to think a little harder about composition.

Freya in duo-tone

This is me messing around again. The picture was taken in January 2007 on a trip to the local park. I did some exposure adjustment in Lightroom and did some burning on the sky in Photoshop CS2. I think it looks quite good, although it’s clearly amateurish in the image editing stakes. I’m still learning and am only at the bottom of the curve. I guess that, after one has learned the basics, experimentation is the best way to learn with image/photo editing software.


I got Photoshop Lightroom at the weekend and the tutorial by Chris Orwig. I’m just over half-way through the tutorials and they are really good. But it’s Lightroom itself that has blown me away. I’ve been using Picasa2 for a good while (and shall continue to do so as it’s so lightweight, easy to use and great for Voxing photos) but had been thinking of getting some more powerful software for managing my photos.

As I have a Macbook, I had considered Aperrture. But I’m still not totally comfortable on the Mac and besides, I don’t fancy editing on a 13″ screen. So I got Lightroom for the PC and it totally rocks. It’s a reasonably intuitive piece of software so that anyone with with a little experience of something like Picasa or iPhoto could jump right in and make sense of it.

One of the biggest features for me in Lightroom is the keywording. I’ve been keywording my jpegs in Picasa for a while and wouldn’t be without it now. What I liked about that was (a) it was easy to do, and (b) the keywords are actually written to the file’s metadata and so travel with the file (IPTC metadata). So, upon importing images into Lightroom, the keywords are all still there. And likewise the reverse: keywording in Lightroom travels back to Picasa.

We are planning to get an iMac (just waiting on Leopard!) for the living room PC so I’ll probably get Lightroom for that as well, although it might be interesting to compare it with Aperture.

The attached photo is exported from Lightroom and uploaded directly from Picasa2. I just finished the tutorial section on greyscale and colour management. This is a result of that.

Cycling 2

Here’s me and F. Note how F does not keep her arms in straps.That was remedied by my stopping and refusing to go any further until she’d put her arms back in again. Naughty monkey.