Fixing Blank screen on Acer Aspire 7551

I thought I’d post this because I couldn’t find any instructions anywhere that worked.

I had a blank screen on my Acer Aspire 7551. The power LED lit up, but the screen stayed black and no hard disk activity was detectable. I did some research online and soon learned that this was a BIOS problem common to Acer laptops. I found plenty of instructions about creating a Crisis Disk on a bootable USB stick, but none of them worked for me.

I downloaded Crisis Disk and the latest BIOS (1.18 at the time of writing). I replaced BIOS.WPH in the Crisis Disk folder with 1.18 and renamed it to BIOS.WPH. I ran wincris.exe by right-clicking and running as administrator. I got the prompt that the removable disk had been created, so I removed it, put it back in and was dismayed to find it empty.

So, I edited CRISDISK.BAT to the right drive letter (it’s set to A: by default) and ran that as an administrator. It complained about not being able to do a quick format, so it did a long one. Once that was done, I got a prompt that minidos.sys was missing and that was that. I tried changing minidos.sys to MINIDOS.SYS. I tried it on Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64 and Windows XP x86. Nothing worked.

But here’s what DID work. I ran wincris.exe as administrator, ejected the disk at the completed prompt and put it back in. It was still empty. But this time I copied and pasted the entire contents of the CRISDISK directory onto the USB stick. I popped it in to the Aspire 7551, held down Fn+Esc and BOOM. The USB stick started flashing! I’d been working at this for hours, so I began to get quite excited! The blue LED on the power button did NOT flash, but the USB carried on blinking away, so I left it for a while and was suddently greeted by the BIOS screen! Yippee!

Hope this will help someone else out there. I’ll host the files myself for the sake of completeness. If this works for you, I’d be delighted if you’d leave me a comment to let me know.


  1. Hello , I have the same Problem , and i try to format my USB with FAT , Then i paste all the files of bios that i was danwloaded but nothing changes .

  2. Stephan Sachweh says

    Great description. Worked for my Acer Aspire 7551G.
    One small additional comment. The USB Port must be the one on the left hand side!
    Thanks for your description!

  3. Hello. I have the same problem for Acer Aspire 4750z. Do you think I can follow the instructions exactly like your post? Except the BIOS driver part.

  4. Hi in process of fixing BIOS on my Acer 7551 just want to no what file to use from the BIOS download to replace the bios.wph file. Is it the ROM file or the wph file or the whole BIOS download . thanks

    • It was just the wph file. Rename it to BIOS.WPH. I can’t remember if I already did that with the files I’ve made available, but I suspect so.

  5. This all worked fine for me but when my Acer Aspire 7551 booted back up my screen flickers like crazy. I can go into the bios and it’s fine, see the Acer logo as it starts up but once the windows logo hits the screen when it’s loading it flickers like crazy and I can’t see a thing, then it gets blue screen of death for a second and restarts. I can get into safe mode and get to the desktop but it’s flickering so much I can’t see what I’m doing. I can’t reinstall windows, after it’s done loading the files and the graphical part comes up it flickers. I’ve ran dos computer scanning software and I can use it no problem, it passed ram, hdd, everything. I’ve tried running a monitor off the VGA port it flickers same as the laptop screen. I think my GPU is gone, but why would I be able to see everything fine until something more graphical comes up?

  6. Hi Cams,
    First I wanna say thanks for posting your findings. I’d like to know how your 7551 got to have the black screen… I have one here that was running fine, got turned off and never turned back on. Just like yours, the screen is blank and the HDD spins, but no seeking (I’d really like to know why this happens!).

    I tried your procedure and nothing happens. Do you leave the battery in? Is there a special timing to push Fn+ESC and power? From what I read about wincris, the PC is supposed to beep like crazy while flashing, did yours beep?

    To James, I don’t know if you got your flickering fixed, but you should get in touch with Acer support and request an older BIOS and re-flash it.

  7. It worked! I only wish I’d found your site first, then I wouldn’t have had expectations as to what is supposed to happen. I think what made the difference was that I used your files this time.

    Just to clarify things for those who like me didn’t come here first; the computer does not beep while it’s updating the BIOS, there are no blinking lights, the hard drive may or may not spin down (depends on the drive itself) and the CPU fan will cycle on and off. Upon a successful update the CPU fan will start to spin much faster and shortly after you will be greeted with the Acer Logo; success!

    Take the time to look at the “How to Use Bios Recovery Disk” file in the Crisis Disk. I removed the battery, left the power brick plugged in the wall, but not into the laptop, inserted the 2GB flash drive formatted in FAT (not FAT32) into the left side USB port, held down Fn+ESC keys, plugged the power into the laptop and pushed and released the power button. It takes a couple seconds and the flashing begins; release Fn & ESC and leave it be it will restart on its own.

    As for what could cause this, I have a couple thoughts. There are mentions of ACPI bricking systems all over the net. That would make sense, Windows (any OS) will write its ACPI table to NVRAM and if for some odd reason it needs to modify it there’s a chance corruption could happen. Some BIOS’ have a setting to choose between the OS or BIOS assigning ressources; the later might be safer. There are also issues with UEFI that can kill a computer, just google samsung laptop brick.

    I’m saving that flash drive, it is now dedicated to fixing the 7551. Again, thank you Cams for your site.

  8. take battery out in again

  9. Many thanks for that,it worked on my Aspire 7551 MS2310.
    I tried to set the USB stick up in win 7 at first and it didn’t work
    so I tried it in XP and it worked fine.

  10. Juan Pablo says

    It worked great!
    The only problem was when loading Windows. The screen showed “Starting Windows” and then black screen again.
    I booted with Hirens and the screen started to blink. I dont’ know what is happening, I tested video performance and memory with tools provided by Hirens Boot CD and everything was ok.

    Any ideas? Thanks

    • To fix the blinking issue after crisis bios update .. run the bios update in windows 32 bit live cd version .. i ran version acer 1.15 bios .. if you cannot get to the folder where bios is because of constant flickering .. use a usb drive in one of the usb input on the right .. keep plugging and unplugging it .. which will give you about 2 seconds of clear screen everytime you plug it in. .. enough to get you to bios file in windows live. After the flash happens .. you notice it does not restart and the screen starts flickering again..but when you restart it the flickering goes..let me know if you need any more info

  11. Tina Stormfeldt says

    Hi. Im lost. Cant really figure out which files to rename and use. And my external disk name is E:, And i can not change it to A:

  12. I’m XP the same issue on v3-571. I have the bios extracted but no clue what files to rename. My LED power but blinks, otherwise nothing. 1 month past warranty 🙁 I don’t see FD file listed. I’m not sure which file is the actual bios.