I hurt myself today to see if I still feel

Here’s a video of me performing the Johnny Cash version of Hurt at the recent RMMGA UK gathering in Buxton, UK. The guitar is a SCGC Vintage Artist.


UK10: Cams – Hurt


  1. [this is good] I don’t know how I missed this….it’s awesome! I’m favoriting it for sure…

    You rock…and you have an amazing voice.

  2. Why thank you Cat! It means a lot. 

  3. You are doing very well, but i must say that it takes some of the sadness and the true mening away which is the core off the song. While you sing it with a light voice, tune your voice a little down so it gets more rough and the listener can feel that you mean what you are singing..
    (more like the Johnny Cash version)

    (This song is writen by nine inch nails to people who cut them self to feel somekind of pain and control over their body)