QotD: My Holiday Wish List

What’s on your holiday wish list?

Does holiday mean Christmas? I’m finding more and more differences between UK and US English as I spend more time on Vox.

What I’d really love is a 1080p HDTV, but it’s not going to happen as we really don’t think that it’s worth buying any more expensive hardware until we know where we are going to be in a couple of years’ time.

Besides that, I’m pretty much set really. Just some happy memories of a Christmas spent with my young family – my almost-3-year-old is really looking forward to it. She met Santa for the first time yesterday, and a few days ago, said that she “wanted to go to Christmas” – cute.

Oh, and a successful conclusion of my translation would be nice, too. Then maybe I can enjoy the new year a bit more!

If you really did want to push me though, I’d gratefully accept a mandolin built by German luthier Heiner Dreizehnter in Tasmanian blackwood throughout. (to match my Heiner D guitar).


  1. In America, it’s becoming increasingly popular for public references to Christmas to be broadened to include Hannukah and Kwanzaa, so they just call the general period “holidays.”   A lot of right wingers are screaming their heads off about how those politically correct democrats are destroying what made this country great, i.e. worship of God and Jesus.

    While I do think that referring to Christmas as the be-all end-all holiday that trumps all other religions’ holidays tends to leave those religions out of feeling tied to the country, I don’t particularly feel strongly one way or another as to what some claim to be the dissolution of a modern moral god-fearing society.

    Because where I live, Christmas is a time for headache and stress and anger and unresolved conflicts that flare up.

    It’s not a time that I look forward to, and more and more in our popular culture, it’s obvious that a lot of people don’t look forward to it either.  Because while people are fighting tooth and nail to preserve the ideal behind the holiday, the rest of us are caught up trying to live up to that ideal.  And eventually, as it is in my family, that ideal is lost because everyone is busting their ass in the desparate scramble to live up to it.

    This has been your cynical holiday commentary from cabritoloco.