Tim Keen took this with my Sony A7 III and the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 ART lens at a pub in Dundonald and I really like it, so I thought I'd upload it here to use as an avatar on some places. It's possibly too big, or too busy. Dunno. It's the one I sent to … [Continue reading]

Austin A30

Here's another of my dad's cards from the 1950s, parked outside the house where I grew up. Ayrshire registration from 1953-54, according to oldclassiccar.co.uk. That, together with the chrome grille and the small rear window, identify this as an … [Continue reading]

Austin Sheerline

I have some photos of my dad's old cars that he owned as a young man. This one here is an Austin Sheerline and some info gleaned from a fellow photographer on Flickr. Info thanks to Flickr user www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ The car … [Continue reading]

My Time Working as a Translator in Almaty, Kazakhstan

In December 1999, just a few months after graduating from the University of Bradford with an MA in Interpreting and Translation, I got a job with Ernst & Young in Almaty, Kazakhstan as a translator in the tax department. It was an incredible … [Continue reading]


I just joined the Steem platform after my good pal @barge explained it to me. I spent a few hours this week looking through the FAQs and what have you, and it looks like something that could really be of use to me for all sorts of reasons. I used to … [Continue reading]

Mastering Masterclass

The North Country Winters album is recorded and mixed! It all began when I did an online course with Berklee called Introduction to Music Production. This was the second time I'd attempted the course, but this time I completed it. It was rather a … [Continue reading]

Can I be a songwriter please?

I listened to Gillian Welch a lot this week, including her song One Little Song. It's about song writing. I saw Declan Sinnott live and heard him sing a song about songwriting. And I heard a friend of mine playing some songs he'd written himself that … [Continue reading]

Kim Walker SJ

In 2005 I played John Thomas's Nick Walker at Little Brother's jam in Georgia. It took all of two minutes before I knew I would have to put my name down on Kim's list. In November 2013 Kim finally tracked me down to tell me that my slot had come. In … [Continue reading]

My Project 365

Back on episode 65 of On Taking Pictures, hosts Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris set a challenge to take 'an intentional photograph that you feel good about every day'. I took up the challenge and ran with it until it became my project 365. I took my … [Continue reading]

DEDPXL Assignments

DEDPXL Assignments I discovered Zack Arias of DEDPXL in rather a roundabout way. I was driving to work and saw a friend of mine sitting on a wall in Lamlash with his camera. This is the dude that sold me his D300. I wondered what he was doing and I … [Continue reading]